Forest meets Fire

beautiful sunset forest fairy of Nature Theatre in the golden light sunlight playing ceremonial drum in hands with naked dress

Nature Theatre – A unified performance co-created by humans and the natural world. The expression of musicians, dancers, poets and craftsmen whose art is inspired by, in honour of, the Earth.

I would like to make a film: Forest meets Fire

This film tells the story of what happens when Human and Nature re-unite. At the core of our beings, we know that Human is not seperate from Nature- indeed, we are irrevocably entwined. Yet somehow, many of us have been living in a way that disregards our natural word. We carry inside of us a Fire that is longing to be seen, destructive in its desperation, wild in its pain. I want to bring this pain out of the shadows, to see it, feel it and surrender it to Death. Now, it is time for us to birth a new world: with lightness, wisdom and unity, let us move into the heart.

And so, I have already begun to make this film. I have been dancing with the beauty of this land for quite some time now. I have been going to various pristine nature locations and embodying the spirit of the land – the gentleness of the forest; the power of the ocean; the expanse of the cliff; the play of the flower field. I have really enjoyed expressing the intactness of the Earth and a lot of very magical and unique footage has come from it.

Next, I would like to go to the places we dont want to see – the shadow of the fire of our consumption – rubbish dumps with mountains of trash; battery chicken farms alive through the night; pipes of poisoned waters infiltrating the ocean. I want to dance the pain of the Earth. Not as an act of matyrdom or reprimand, simply as an act of showing what is on the other side of the spectrum.

As a polarity dance for the Earth, the film will integrate these two extremes. A space where both are present and yet neither exists. In this union we find our balance, we find our wholeness and we find a new way of being.

If you believe that this story wants to be told, your support will be very much appreciated. The funding will go towards paying for videography, editing, music making and recording, animation, travelling, distribution and any other expenses of making a film. I sincerely, whole-heartedly and humbly thank you for your contribution.